India Runway Week Season 7 goes International with Khadi on ramp by Bibi Rusell

Rajasthali Collection by Bibi Rusell.jpg

Khadi is not merely a piece of cloth, but a way of life. Designer  Bibi Rusell from Bangladesh after giving a makeover to Rajasthan government textile division under the name of Rajasthali by Bibi Rusell is now all set to showcase its first collection under this label in New Delhi at IFFD’s India Runway Week winter festive 2016. The entire collection is made from this handspun and hand-woven fabric diversified by art and design intervention to be made more suitable for the modern context. Having used human resources at every step of the way of the collection, each outfit represents the hardwork, dreams and aspirations of many. The colours are fresh and the designs are one of a kind. Declared the fabric of the future, Khadi keeps one cool in the summer and warm in the winter and with Bibi’s designs, stylish all through.  


“We are honored to have Bibi Rusell onboard for this season as she sees Khadi as an occupation to bring high and low, rich and poor together, to show them the dignity of hand-labour” said Avinash Pathania, founder, IFFD

Bibi who was rewarded Cross of Officer of the Order of Queen Isabella by the King of Spain, The Asia week magazine highlighted her as “One of the 20 people to watch in the Millennium”, She was also awarded the Honorary Fellowshipof the London Institute in 1999, UNESCO awarded her the title Designer for Development in 1999 and Artist for Peaceby the UNESCO in 2001 and the Peace Prize by the United Nations Associations of Spain in 2004 has picked up where he left off. Human dignity is a principle that lies at the heart of all of Bibi’s work. It is about the freedom each of us has to express ourselves, to voice our dreams and share our aspirations. She has highlighted the importance of fashion as not just clothes we wear, but a culture we are. No society can flourish without culture, and no development can be sustainable without it.


Bibi in a statement said “Through art and design, it is my intention to sensitize and demonstrate the immense skills and expertise of the local artisans, to preserve the heritage, to foster creativity, to provide for employment opportunities, to empower women and to contribute towards the eradication of poverty.”




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