Fast Bikes UK’s highest-selling motorcycle magazine set to debut in India in January 2017

Adil & Sirish (1).jpg

Fast Bikes, UK’s highest-selling motorcycle magazine, is all set to debut in India in January 2017. The monthly magazine will be published by Project GTO Publishing under licence from Mortons Media and will cater exclusively to the Indian two-wheeler enthusiast with its award-winning content. Now in its 26th year, Fast Bikes has a reputation for incisive testing, witty writing and breath-taking photography and the Indian edition will introduce all these qualities to the Indian biking enthusiast while also helping consumers make that all-important purchase decision.


Fast Bikes India will be edited by Adil Jal Darukhanawala. A pioneer of automotive journalism in India, Adil brings 40 years of passionate journalism to the mix lending Fast Bikes India instant and all-round credibility. Having ridden and reviewed every two-wheeler launched in the country (and most internationally as well!), and with a keen eye on automotive history, Adil is uniquely placed to offer the Indian biking enthusiast a magazine they will absolutely love.

“There’s a kind of hush when I get up close and intimate with motorcycles – big or small – but that’s always been the case with me because one really comes to life when you are astride a motorcycle and the man-machine combo is the nearest you can get to automotive nirvana. Fast Bikes India comes across in that very vein for the rider enthusiast, that elixir which keeps them ticking indefinitely. We are geared to delivering meaningful yet mature motorcycling content that will inform, educate, entertain and guide millions of fellow bikers in our vast land while being their voice in these socially potholed times,” says Adil.


Adil has launched and spearheaded some of the best known automotive publications and web sites in India and needs no introduction. Bikes have always been his first love with cars coming a very close second. He was the founder-editor of India’s first and so far only bike magazine and is now back, spearheading something that is fast yet relevant; safe yet compelling; all spoken in a biker’s tone and language with ample personalities involved.


Fast Bikes India will be published by Project GTO Publishing, a young and independent media start-up with a team that is guided by the principle ‘For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts’. Helmed by Sirish Chandran, this bunch of enthusiastic petrol-heads believes in walking the talk and actively participates in races, rallies, off-road events and more, giving them a unique window into the motoring universe. Our first magazine, evo India, celebrated its third anniversary this October and is widely acknowledged as India’s leading automotive enthusiast publication. OFF ROAD India is the country’s only magazine on the exploding off-road scene and is backed up by the on-ground events OFF ROAD Expo and OFF ROAD Awards. The third magazine, Motor Sport India, is the country’s only motorsport publication, done in association with the FMSCI.


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