Sahil Khattar –Digital Entertainer In The All New Season of TIMC Show

The Indian Movie Channel comes up with the brand new episode of TIMC show featuring the most sensational YouTube star Sahil Khattar. Being successful at age of just 17 as a radio jockey, content writer at a later age and becoming man of the digital entertainment, watch Sahil Khattar chattering in his wittiest style about his perilous yet amazing journey of life with talented hosts of the show.

The Indian Movie Channel (TIMC) is an online destination which brings you all the entertainment News, Bollywood Celebrities, Trailers, scoops and much more which you can enjoy watching. TIMC Show Season 2 begins with an all new set, all new content, new stars and all new entertainment as well. Watch the first episode with Sahil Khattar and we promise a laughter riot.

With always keeping people entertained with good relatable and humorous content with broadcasting new video’s for people at every week the renown face of “Being Indian”, Sahil Khattar with his charm and energy keeps you entertained in the new episode of TIMC show .

Watch Sahil Khattar’s uninhibited conversations and candid confessions:

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