Hoop Earring Collection by SRS Jewells for the young and young-at-heart

2. Hoop Earrings by SRS Jewells

SRS Jewells makes every woman feel special with their Hoop Earring Collection for the young and young-at-heart. The elegant craftsmanship of the collection ensures that the wearer is a cynosure of all eyes. Graceful and classy in finish, the pieces are perfect accessories for vogue and stylish jewellery lovers that makes every occasion special.

This collection is exclusively conceptualized designs, building an extension of their bestselling designer collection.

According to Mr. Rahul Aggarwal, Director, SRS Jewells, “SRS Jewells, believe in making women feel beautiful and special with Hoop Earrings. Women with both statuses, single and married, can choose from the breath-taking assortment of jewels that will help them express beauty in an alluring fashion.” he added.

The collection is designed for fashion​-forward wo​men, looking to add a classic or contemporary touch to their wardrobe. With eye-catching designs, every piece from SRS Jewells is primed to highlight its wearers’ beauty to a celestial level. With SRS Jewells, you are bound to be the “Belle of the Ball”.


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