Super calculator child competition held in Delhi


Will you believe your eyes if a 5 years old child spells table of 369 without a break or can do 20 rows of difficult calculation in a split of a second? No? It sounds unbelievable when 200 questions of calculation are asked to be solved in less than 8 minutes. All this is possible and that too by children between 5 to 13 years. This impossible looking task was made possible by these children through ABACUS arithmetic technique. The event was held today at St. Columbus School, Gole Market where more than 3000 students participated.


Rajeev Garg, organizer of the 12th State level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Championship said, “UCMAS is an international concept developed from “Zhusuan Methodology” for brain development of children of age group 5-13 years. UCMAS mental arithmetic is an internationally well- known powerful mental development program which effectively activates children’s latent mental power and develops mental & creative skills and a photographic memory resulting in self-reliance and self–confidence”.

The 12th State level Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Championship was followed by the Listening championship wherein 60 students from all the 66 centers of UCMAS Delhi. These students have completed the course from UCMAS. The instructor was giving calculations orally from one-digit to four-digit number upto 100 rows, and children were solving all problems simultaneously. It was unbelievable to eyes that a layman cannot even write the numbers with such a speed by which children were solving calculations mentally.

The winner of the State level championship will be announced next week. The winner will be awarded an electric bike from Lohia Autos along with a cash amount. And other participants will get trophies and merit certificates. The winner will go to Gujarat to participate in national level championship.

Aditi Sharma from the Alaknanda Centre stood first in listening championship. Daksh Agarwal and Anish Roy Chowdhary became first and second runner-up. The winner was awarded a trophy with a cash amunt of Rs. 5100, whereas first and second runner-ups got trophies with cash prize of Rs. 3100 and Rs. 2100.

Aditi Sharma, the winner of listening championship said, “I take 1-hour class and practice it back at home for 10 minutes on regular basis and that’s how I only take few seconds to solve all the calculations requiring 1-5 digits. Not only my calculation skill has got sharper and faster, my learning speed has also got increased by practicing the method”.


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