Parag Milk Foods launches Gowardhan Fresh ‘n’ Thick Dahi in Delhi

Parag Milk Foods Ltd today launched Gowardhan Fresh ‘n’ Thick Dahi in Delhi. The product is available in tubs of 400 gm, 200 gm, 80 gm and at a price of Rs. 60, Rs. 25, Rs. 10  respectively.

Made from 100 % fresh & pure, high-quality cow’s milk, Gowardhan Dahi has all the goodness of natural proteins & calcium with the goodness of cow’s milk. It is thick, consistent dahi which is easy to digest.


Commenting on the launch, Mr. Devendra Shah, Chairman, Parag Milk Foods Ltd, said, “Curd made of cow’s milk is a staple in most of the households in India. It is considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world as it has many benefits. Cow’s milk is considered nearest to human milk in composition and therefore contains the nutrients in right balance. Further, cow’s milk is easier to digest. Curd made from Cow’s milk is an excellent source of good bacteria and being pro-biotic, aids gut health. Through our research, we have found that due to busy lifestyles and increased stress, there is frequent digestive discomfort for many consumers and hence it is important to maintain a balance of good bacteria. Including curd made of cow’s milk in your daily diet helps restore, maintain balance and support healthy digestion. Further, Gowardhan Dahi is made from 100% fresh cow’s milk and therefore provides unique taste and flavour.

With the launch of Gowardhan Dahi made of cow milk, we plan to reach our target audience who are health conscious. Today’s consumers demand low-fat foods. They have a growing inclination towards ready-to-consume food products. This has encouraged us to come with value-added products like dahi that are not only easy to consume but have many health benefits.”

Further Mr. Shah adds, “Delhi has always been an important market for us and we have got very good consumer base for our Ghee, Cheese and other products. With the launch of fresh products like Gowardhan Dahi, we aim to provide health benefits of having cow milk-based rich and creamy curd that go well with spicy north Indian dishes. With Gowardhan Dahi, we continue to adhere to company’s mission of providing health and nutrition to consumers across the country.”

As per IMARC Indian Dairy report, total curd market in the country is estimated to be Rs. 381 billion during 2017, within which, the share of the organised market is estimated at Rs. 25 billion translating into around 1,35,000 MTs. Further, the market forecast to grow at a CAGR of 15% over next few years. Parag is a significant player in curd market, being the pioneers of cow milk curd and also having the distinction of introducing fruit yogurts for the first time in the country. However, due to shelf-life limitations, it was concentrating on Western & Southern markets till now. With the launch of its fresh products in Delhi, Parag is now entering one of the largest fresh products markets of the country and looks to establish its leadership in this market with its unique products sourced from 100% fresh cow’s milk with focus on health & nutrition.


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