Tarun Chauhan takes cricketing to a new level, sets world record for largest consumer engagement

(L-R) Tarun Chauhan with Kapil Dev at the flag off of wonder sath 7

(L-R) Tarun Chauhan with Kapil Dev at the flag off of wonder sath 7


Tarun Singh Chauhan, the quintessential Hyderabadi and a well-known sr. advertising professional is a man about town these days in the marketing and cricketing fraternity for having conceived the world’s largest consumer engagement campaign – Wonder Saath 7: Cricket Mahotsav 2017.


This multi-state Cricket Mahotsav will involve 48,000 participants and 300 tosses simultaneously across the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat is unparalleled in the cricketing history of the world. With Kapil Dev as the the brand ambassador, Wonder Saath: 7 , now in 2nd edition and first as a multi-state tourney,  has received thumbs up from one and all from the marketing and  cricketing  world about the idea, execution and scale. Kudos to the man – Tarun Singh Chauhan, who conceived such a campaign and who never forgets to wears his Hyderabadi identity on the sleeves.


Hailing from Hyderabad, Tarun has represented Hyderabad team at different levels, and has served JWT as a Senior Partner. He now runs a marketing consultancy outfit called TSC Consulting.


Speaking about the large scale of Wonder Saath: 7 Cricket Mahotsav 2017, Tarun says, “The tournament is aimed at giving youngsters in the rural but a chance to play competitive cricket. The tournament was initiated keeping the consumer in mind and to involve people from all over the three states.”

“The best was to do so was through cricket and we have been able to draw in people from all walks of life including women, something that is truly remarkable”, said Tarun.


The 2017 edition was kicked off at Delhi last week by the legendary cricketer Kapil Dev who is also the brand ambassador for the event.


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