Abu Dhabi Hosts Reach Roundtable

Abu Dhabi co-organised a roundtable discussion as part of an important global initiative spearheaded by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, in partnership with the Peri Charitable Foundation. In line with the Department’s ongoing mission to promote and protect cultural heritage both at home and overseas, the international series of ReACH (Reproduction of Art and Cultural Heritage) roundtables aims to address the challenges and opportunities in the field of storage, dissemination and reproduction of works of art and cultural heritage.

The roundtable was one in a series of five ReACH events planned for 2017, in the United States, Russia, Abu Dhabi, China and the United Kingdom. Bringing together thought leaders in the field of cultural heritage, ReACH has two main objectives: the first goal is to share and bring to light best practices from around the world concerning the production, storage and dissemination of digital and physical reproductions. This is achieved by inviting key speakers to the roundtables to share their professional experiences and to flag some of the broader challenges and opportunities concerning reproductions.


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