Latvia Ambassador Aivars Groza welcomes the presentation of the film “Graduation Year”

1 latvia.jpg

“The Year of Release” film by Latvian director Andrē Gaujs, bringing together a lot of cinema-fancier and gaining wide public response. The film was featured at the Indian Habitat Center in New Delhi within the framework of the Baltic and Nordic Youth Film Festival, which takes place from November 13 to November 18.

Before the film, speaking to the public, the Latvian Ambassador to India Aivars Groza expressed his pleasure in the opportunity to introduce the Indian audience to the film, which has been widely shown both in Latvia and abroad, and has made significant progress in international film festivals. The ambassador also expressed appreciation for the fact that the screening of the film took place a few days before the 99th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, as well as the celebration of the centennial celebration of Latvia in India.

The Ambassador handed the organizers and spectators of the festival greetings from the film director Andra Gauja. The director was pleased to remember the film’s post-processing in Mumbai, which took place at the highest level, and excellent collaboration with experienced Indian experts, both by making film color corrections and sound mixing in Mumbai’s studios.


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