Nicotex launched a new campaign ‘Ek Cigarette Kam

Nicotex leading brands in Smoking Cessation category launched a new campaign ‘Ek Cigarette Kam’. As part of this campaign a new anthem titled ‘Hum me hain dum, roz ek cigarette kam’ has been launched. This is the first time a smoking cessation brand has launched a multi lingual audio in India. Personifying today’s culture, the brand takes a fun musical route to appeal the audience who smoke to quit smoking gradually and effectively by taking small steps and reducing one cigarette at a time.

Commenting on the music, Anshul MishraCategory Director, Cipla Health Ltd. said, A smoker who has decided to quit goes through a lot of emotional ups & downs throughout this journey and having a friend who supports them tends to make this journey easier. We at Nicotex want to be their friend in this difficult journey. The approach in this piece of creative is not just positive but also powerful and aims to motivate people who have embarked on the journey to quit the habit.

Commenting on the launch of the anthem, the Composer/Music Director Hanif Shaikh, says “It is an absolutely brilliant campaign initiated by Nicotex. Not only am I delighted to be working with them, but more importantly, the satisfaction that follows to be associated with such a cause is beyond expression. I perceive it as an opportunity for me to make this society a better place, and encourage healthy lifestyles.”

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