It’s an honour to speak to the CVE community today, and so soon after Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the UK in April. Going by yesterday’s introductory sessions I’m sure we have a fascinating series of panels to look forward to.


I’d first like to start by reflecting on the strength and importance of the partnership between our two countries. We are bound together by personal, professional, cultural and institutional ties.


We have a shared interest in each other’s prosperity, generating jobs, developing skills, and enhancing the competitiveness of the UK’s and India’s economies.


And our business links are strengthened by the people-to-people links between our countries – what we now describe as a ‘Living Bridge’.


We both have a history of democracy, with India being the largest democracy in the world. We recognise that diversity and cohesion creates safer and prosperous societies.


These longstanding historical ties are of course also the foundation on which we cooperate on counter-terrorism and extremism issues.


And that’s what I’m here to talk about today.


As the UK Government’s Minister for Countering Extremism, I want to take this opportunity to look beyond counter-terrorism and instead focus on our approach to identifying and countering extremism in the UK.


I’ll focus on three main areas:


What we mean by ‘extremism’ in the UK;


The progress we’ve made towards tackling extremism since we published our Counter-Extremism Strategy in 2015; and


Finally, I want to talk about the importance of our shared work to counter-terrorism – the most harmful of all forms of extremism.



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