8TH August 2019 Save Earth Through Seed Balls in Amritsar, iniative by MIW Foundation



A delightful initiative taken by MIW Foundation team in Amritsar for betterment of Earth on 7th August 2019. They planted more than 108 plants and threw more than 1000 seed balls. Seed balls are used for reseeding ecosystems. These seed balls when grown into trees will help in raising water levels of earth.

A core team of MIW foundation headed by Smt Geetaskhi Sharma, Shri Sanjay Sharma, Shri Avninder Dutt Sharma, Shri Rajneesh Kundra, S. Gurvinder Singh, Shri Vivek Kalia, Smt Meera Sharma, Shri Satpal Sharma, Shri Saurabh, Mr Aditya Kundra, Smt. Namrata Sharma, Ms Gaurika Kundra and all other members of MIW Foundation took an initiative to save earth in  a biodegradable manner. People gathered to contibute this remarkable cause.

Smt Geetaskhi Sharma(Head of MIW Foundation, Punjab region) marked to continue this initiative all over Punjab to ecological environment.

MIW foundation is one of leading India. They are engaged in various social and community Development programs aimed for benefit and welfare of environment, poor and needy people.

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