We request all to donate blood freely says Pritika Singh

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On the occasion of World Blood Donation Day, Pritika Singh, Director Planning and Strategy Prayag Hospital and Research Centre Noida said, “We request all to donate blood freely since what seems like an insignificant act could contribute in saving more than millions of lives and bring a smile on the faces of numerous blood receivers.  Across the world, and particularly in India, there is always a scarcity of all types of blood and there is also an urgent need to ensure that donors of rare blood group are readily available to donate blood. The need of blood transfusion is crucial and is always in demand anywhere in the world. A single contribution is a small act of humanity that goes a long way to help save lives. My humble request everyone is to go out, and do the needful, now!


Nicotex launched a new campaign ‘Ek Cigarette Kam

Nicotex leading brands in Smoking Cessation category launched a new campaign ‘Ek Cigarette Kam’. As part of this campaign a new anthem titled ‘Hum me hain dum, roz ek cigarette kam’ has been launched. This is the first time a smoking cessation brand has launched a multi lingual audio in India. Personifying today’s culture, the brand takes a fun musical route to appeal the audience who smoke to quit smoking gradually and effectively by taking small steps and reducing one cigarette at a time.

Commenting on the music, Anshul MishraCategory Director, Cipla Health Ltd. said, A smoker who has decided to quit goes through a lot of emotional ups & downs throughout this journey and having a friend who supports them tends to make this journey easier. We at Nicotex want to be their friend in this difficult journey. The approach in this piece of creative is not just positive but also powerful and aims to motivate people who have embarked on the journey to quit the habit.

Commenting on the launch of the anthem, the Composer/Music Director Hanif Shaikh, says “It is an absolutely brilliant campaign initiated by Nicotex. Not only am I delighted to be working with them, but more importantly, the satisfaction that follows to be associated with such a cause is beyond expression. I perceive it as an opportunity for me to make this society a better place, and encourage healthy lifestyles.”

Cornitos launches three Variants of flavourful Veggie Nachos

Cornitos, the flagship brand of Greendot Health Foods Pvt Ltd launches three Variants of flavourful Veggie Nachos – Spinach, Beetroot and Melange. They are crispy, veggie & deliciously healthy. The Veggie Nacho Crisps are made from natural vegetable extracts blended with Corn Masa & seasoned with herbs & spices.

Spinach Nacho Crisps are made with Natural extracts of Spinach blended with Corn Masa. Spinach Nacho Crisps sprinkled with Italian Herbs (Thyme, Oregano and Basil) gives a mouthwatering flavor to it.

Beetroot Nacho Crisps in Spicy Pepper Flavour are made with Natural extracts of Beetroot blended with Corn Masa. The crisps are mild spicy in taste and tickle the taste buds.

Melange Nacho Crisps are made with Natural extracts of Spinach, Beetroot and White Beans blended with Corn Masa and sprinkled with Himalayan Pink Salt and Roast Garlic.

Veggie Nacho Crisps are made by Mexican Lime-treatment process, of making traditional MASA using Stone Ground NON-GMO Corn. Crisps are original wedge shaped, extra thin, Gluten Free and Cooked in Healthy Corn Oil. The nutritional benefits includes 28g of the product provides 2g Protein, 2g Dietary Fiber and 144 Calories. It’s a healthy snack one can munch on Guilt Free.

Mr. Vikram Agarwal, MD Greendot Health Foods said, “We have come up with the most Innovative product for this season. Vegetable extract blended with corn gives natural color, health and unique flavor to Nachos”

Only 3% workers are worried about their health : ASSOCHAM Survey

Despite increase in life-style diseases, only 3% of workers are worried about their future health since majority of it is hardly able to spare resources beyond meeting their daily needs and the absence of any affordable health services provided by corporates to majority of its employees, reveals ASSOCHAM survey.
It further reveals that 48% of such a staff is “sometime fearful” about their future health and 37% are “not at all fearful” and remaining 12% are totally ignorant for their future health conditions. This is indicative of the fact that health care has yet to draw desired attention as well as sensitivities for wage earners”, says Mr D S Rawat, ASSOCHAM Secretary General.
Quoting findings of the Survey, Mr. Rawat said that in terms of physical fitness, 37% of corporate employees surveyed by ASSOCHAM team said, that they hardly have any time to exercise. While 25% said that they do physical workout devoting less than one hour a week.  24% of such employees said that they exercise for 1-3 hours a week although 9% of employees said that they exercise for 3-6 hours a week.  It is only 5% of corporate employees who regularly exercise for more than 6 hours a week to keep physical fit and mentally agile.
In the survey, over 500 corporate employees were interviewed between age ranging between age group ranging 25 to 50 in 18 broad sectors, which include infrastructure, power, media, telecom, advertisement, manufacturing, IT/ITeS, financial services and engineering. Other sectors include market research, management, FMCG, food and beverages, textiles etc.
On the issue of whether health problem discourage corporate employee, 48% responded by saying that they were discouraged by their health problem in doing various activities, while 40% replied that they were not at all `discouraged’ by their health conditions.
It was only 11% of the employee who felt that most of the time, they dare discouraged in conducting work and only 1% of the employees felt that they were highly discouraged by their health problems.
14% of respondents experience workplace fatigue but they still believe themselves to be in `good health’, while 10% of total corporate employees consider their health condition to be poor without perceiving to have `no diseases at all’. 9% and 5% of the sample population suffer problem of sleeping disorder.
Other findings of the Survey include that among the IT/ITeS sector employees, 93 per cent feel that company sponsored wellness program act as a motivating factor for them. However 7 per cent feel depressed about the healthcare program.
Employees engaged in media sector, 60 per cent consider wellness program as a motivating factor, whereas remaining 40 per cent feel that it acts as a depressing factor. Survey respondents engaged in FMCG sector, for 75 per cent of the employees it act as a motivating factor.
For 84 per cent of employees, companies sponsored wellness program acts as a motivating factor, but 16 per cent of the respondents in the sector feel it as a de-motivating factor. In rest of the sectors 100 per cent of the employees consider company sponsored wellness program act as a motivating factor for them.

Lifebuoy’s help a child reach 5 campaign and Kajol announce young handwashing heroes


 Lifebuoy has announced a new initiative to empower young girls to make a difference in their own communities through a partnership with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Kajol, Lifebuoy’s Help A Child Reach 5 ambassador, introduced the young girl guides who will be handwashing heroes and spread the message of handwashing to over 4 million people, helping prevent illness.

The partnership aims to encourage girl guides and scouts to take a lead within their communities and make an impact through teaching the lifesaving habit of handwashing with soap. Each handwashing hero is trained on the importance of using soap while washing hands before eating and after using the toilet.  They are also equipped with the necessary skills to share these learnings with other people they know. In this way, the practice of using soap at critical occasions is encouraged to spread across communities protecting people from illnesses and infections. Over 1,200 girl guides and scouts have been trained so far under this partnership.

During the event, Sanjiv Mehta, CEO and Managing Director, HUL along with Samir Singh, Executive Vice President, Global Skin Cleansing, Unilever and Lifebuoy’s Help A Child Reach 5 handwashing ambassador, Kajol Devgn came together to award these heroes for being the real agents of change for handwashing.

In India alone, diarrhoea and pneumonia killed more than 296,000 under-five children in 2015[i] . The simple act of handwashing with soap can prevent many of these deaths. Handwashing with soap is one of the most cost-effective ways to save a child’s life.

Sanjiv Mehta, Managing Director and CEO, HUL, said: “We believe that companies like HUL have a key role in helping the country achieve ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’. More than 90% of households in India use HUL products. This gives us an opportunity and a responsibility to make a meaningful difference. We are convinced that we can achieve this, leveraging our expertise in behaviour change programmes in the areas of handwashing and sanitation and our experience in developing and delivering innovative partnership models.”

Samir Singh, Executive Vice President, Global Skin Cleansing, Unilever, said “I feel proud to see Lifebuoy’s  handwashing movement Help A Child Reach 5 go to the next level through this partnership with WAGGGS. One of our biggest learnings has been that children have in them the abilities to drive behaviour change. Through this partnership, Lifebuoy is unleashing the potential of young girls, who shall be empowered to transform the health of entire communities. We started in a small village called Thesgora in Madhya Pradesh in 2013 with the highest rates of diarrhoea and were able to showcase remarkable results owing to a focussed handwashing intervention. We hope that this partnership with WAGGGS will help us push the envelope further with communities and families adapting healthy handwashing habits through these incredible handwashing heroes.”

Ana Maria Mideros, WAGGGS’ World Board Chair, said “At the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, we know that every girl has the power and potential to learn, lead and make positive change in her community and the wider world. We are hugely proud that our partnership with Lifebuoy is helping young people in India to take action and promote hand washing with soap – both at home and in their wider communities. Working with Lifebuoy, Girl Guides and Scouts are driving change, improving hygiene and changing lives.”

Lifebuoy’s Help A Child Reach 5 Handwashing Ambassador Kajol Devgn said, “As a mother and a woman I am really excited about this partnership with WAGGGS. What inspired me the most was how these girl heroes are determined and passionate about making a difference in the lives of others by educating people on basic hygiene practices such as handwashing. We need many more such young heroes to help address some easily preventable health and hygiene issues.”

Indian Spinal Injuries Centre & Spinal Cord Society to Organize ISSICON 2017

Indian Spinal Injuries Centre (ISIC) has brought to us pioneering achievements in the field of spine & orthopaedics treating patients with revolutionary innovations in technology pairing it with best pharmaceutical solutions. ISIC is organising International Spine and Spinal Injuries Conference (ISSICON 2017) from 18th to 19th November 2017 at Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi with a very engaging scientific programme. 18 Preconference workshops for Surgeons, Physiatrists, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Assistive Technologists, Psychologists, Social Workers & Consumers would be held on 17th November at Indian Spinal injuries Centre. The event will commence in the presence of Major H.P.S. Ahluwalia, Chairman, ISIC, Dr. A. K. Mukherjee, Organizing Chairman and Dr H.S. Chhabra, Secretary, Spinal Cord Society, Chief of Spine Service & Medical Director, ISIC. Through a press conference on November 17th, the media will be addressed and informed about the conference in detail.

The 2-day conference will focus on “Challenges and Opportunities” in the field of spinal trauma management and care.  Bridging the gap between “possible” and “actually available”, ISIC is leading a revolution infusing new life in hundreds of spinal injury survivors.

Dr H.S. Chhabra, Secretary, Spinal Cord Society, Chief of Spine Service & Medical Director, ISIC. says, “Indian Spinal Injuries Centre today is recognized by the Government of India as the tertiary level center for management of spinal injury. It is also gaining international recognition for the quality of its services. We have been fortunate to have had the strong support of the national and international community to overcome our share of hardships, hurdles and difficulties. We are now seeing the fruits of our efforts blossoming. ISSICON is another endeavour of ours to present the developments in the field of spinal injury management and at the same time, to create a high spirited atmosphere encouraging ideation, innovation and sharing of experiences related to rehabilitation and treatment for injury patients.”

The distinguished spinal experts and faculties across India and the world will be attending the conference and presenting their papers, new findings and breakthroughs. While the workshops would be conducted in ISIC, the conference would be held in Le Meridian where global leading spinal experts come forth to discuss challenges and opportunities they encounter in their medical journey to aid spinal trauma and injuries.

DLF Foundation organizes health camp at Gurugram

Patients flock to Bada Village health camp.jpg

DLF Foundation organized a multi-specialty health camp at Village Bada near Nawada Fathepur, Gurugram. Held in collaboration with Institute for Global Development, New Delhi, the camp witnessed over 300 people being screened for various diseases. Besides the general health checkup, the community was provided the services of Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, General Physician, Paediatrician OPD, Eye testing and Dental OPD. The objective of the initiative launched under Project Aarogyam was to provide regular qualitative primary health services in the Project area.

A health talk was also delivered by two eminent doctors Dr. P K Goswami, and Dr. R P Sharma. The lab testing facility was also made available for all the patients. Panchayat members of neighbouring villages actively participated in spreading the messages on preventive and promotive aspects of health.

“DLF Foundation has always aspired to make a difference to society by contributing to it in every possible way. This initiative is a part of our endeavour to keep residents healthy. We will continue to organize such initiatives in future,” said Mr. Vinay Sahni, CEO, DLF Foundation.

Recognizing the facts that follow- up of the patients is an integral part of the activity, the team from Institute of Global Development shall be coordinating with local health care workers for ensuring the identified cases receive the due care.

“I appreciate the efforts of DLF Foundation’s initiative. Such activities enable access to basic healthcare facilities to those who can’t afford it,” said Mrs. Rama Devi, a beneficiary.