I don’t want my son to be like me: Sanjay Dutt on drugs and jail-time at Mind Rocks 2017


Sanjay Dutt arrived to a deafening round of applause at the India Today Mind Rocks 2017 Delhi. The actor was speaking at a session called Living On The Edge: Youth Is Not For Wasting. “Don’t always think from your heart. Use your brains too at times,” is how Sanjay Dutt began his session at Mind Rocks 2017 Delhi.

Excerpts from his session:


I got on to drugs in college. I got hooked on to it. It took me about 10 years to get out of it. I’m lucky that I had the means and provision to get out of it. Stay high on life, man! On your family, on your work. There’s no substance that can make you high. I speak from experience.

It is an easy escape, related to being really cool. Then you get addicted to it… if a donkey dies, you drink; a dog dies, you drink.

It is never a one-time experience. It becomes a vicious cycle. Rehab is a good place. When I arrived there, they took my passport away. They told me it was a very spiritual programme and I wanted to run away from there. I told my counsellor that I saw a man in my dream who asked me to go home. He told me Sanjay, that was God. And he told me, “Didn’t he tell you, you were going to be here for 2 years?”


It was nice to be loved by people. Especially by the ladies. I was in three relationships at one point of time. You need to be clever… one shouldn’t know what is happening with the other.


My conviction was based on the piece of paper, my confession, on which it was written that they found me in possession of a weapon. But they never found the weapon. Weapon ka shauk hai… it’s all rubbish. Keep a good company.It was a weapon… I wasn’t hanging out with any crowd that had access to any weapons. It was my producers who asked me if I wanted a weapon.


Jail is not a rehab. It is jail. This time when I went in to jail, I thought I was going to be here for 4 years… let me make something positive out of it. I am a follower of Lord Shiva. I read books connected with the Hindu religion. I learnt a lot. Now when a pandit comes to conduct a havan, I tell them that I know better than them. I am a big Sylvester Stallone fan. I watched Rocky and I said that if he could do it, why not I. I started body-building, a six-pack and all. Producers never understood. They asked me why I was going to the gym. Fitness is a great form of meditation and relaxing.


Being high on the set was just for a year or two. Then I went to rehab. Then I came back and I was totally clean. Then I began body-building.


Both Munna Bhai and Vaastav are amazing films. Totally different. Khalnayak was an experience for me. Agneepath… I went in to jail while shooting for Khalnayak. I finished shooting after coming out of jail. I don’t blame anybody saying that Sanjay Dutt was not a role model. Because the magnitude of the case was such. I was acquitted from the charges of TADA and I was convicted in the Arms Act. Jai Bhole!


My father raised us as normal children. I was sent to a boarding school. I went through the grind. I am the same way with my kids. I try to teach them values. Respect for elders is necessary. You need to respect and value life. I just pray that my son doesn’t turn out to be like me. Because what my dad went through with me, I don’t want to go through with my child.

My mother could never believe that I could do any wrong. It is the same with any mother.


I loved the Tamma Tamma remake with Varun and Alia. They danced so well… I rehearsed for a month because I had to dance with Madhuri Dixit.


I am happy. I want to play roles which are my age. I don’t want to be in that same old rut. That’s why I did Bhoomi, it is a father-daughter film. The way Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson do in Hollywood… I want to be a tough 50-year-old guy.


I’m lucky and humbled that they are making a biopic on a guy who is still alive. Ranbir has done a fantastic job, there is nobody better than Rajkumar Hirani. We will be shooting for Munna Bhai 3. We start shooting in October, November next year.


Be safe. Come home early, stay away from drugs. I will keep talking… listen to your parents. They love you, that is why they are always after you. Learn from my mistake and don’t break the law, please. See my example. Stay away from drugs. We love India. Jai Hind!


Hindustan Unilever’s latest Campaign ‘Chota Step Badi Baat’


A ‘small step’ in the right direction can end up making a ‘big difference’ in life – this is a familiar truth, with proverbs written in various languages alluding to it. The latest campaign from Comfort – ‘Chota Step, Badi Baat’ – looks to drive home this very message.


In the ad, a mother notices that her children are conditioned to think that laundry is something that only her daughter will have to learn. She astutely changes this mindset, by getting her son involved in the washing process, thus demonstrating that it is equally important for both the son and daughter to learn this. With this, the ad highlights the small examples that we can set in our homes, which can make an impactful change in the future.


Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Priya Nair, Executive Director, Home Care, Hindustan Unilever,said, “The message ‘Chota Step, Badi Baat’ implies that one extra step in using Comfort can give a great benefit in washing. Also, one small lesson from the mother, asking the son to learn this, is a big step towards impacting the social conditioning on gender. With our latest campaign, Comfort is taking on a powerful purpose for the first time – with each small step we hope to make a significant impact towards a better tomorrow.”


Talking about the conceptualization of the campaign, Kainaz Karmakar and Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy, said, “The idea for ‘Chota Step, Badi Baat’ was born very simply from Comfort’s product proposition – How one small step of using Comfort after wash, has a significant & big impact on one’s clothes. Then on, we simply had to make this little product truth connect seamlessly with a human truth – that in life, even one small step in the right direction can result in a lasting, positive impact. We are happy that even beyond this execution, the space is very promising for various future engagements.”

Wrigley added another chapter to its Doublemint by launching Doublemint© Gums TVC


Wrigley has now added another chapter to its Doublemint© Mints TVC by launching Doublemint© Gums TVC.; an exceptional coming of age love story. Now, extending both, the Doublemint portfolio and the TVC, Wrigley introduces a new chapter to the love story with the release of Doublemint Gums.


Doublemint© Gums TVC is also directed by the famous film maker Shoojit Sircar and shows the growing intimacy between the quintessential romantic young couple at a party on the dance floor. Like the Doublemint Mints TVC, Doublemint© Gums TVC has the beautifully sung background cover of “ek ajnabee haseena se”, originally sung by the legendary Kishore Da.



Reinforcing Doublemint© Mint’s freshness proposition, Doublemint Gums TVC encourages all to ‘Start Something Fresh’ whilst making ‘long lasting connections’.  


The iconic heartwarming Doublemint Mints film won millions of hearts soon after its release. It crossed 3 million views on YouTube in just 3 weeks! Today, the advertisement has received more than 1 crore views, of which more than 70% is organic. Most recently, the TVC was awarded as the Top 10 ads on YouTube Ads Leaderboard 2016.


NEXA Journeys On Asian Highway 1 Driven By S-Cross on Discovery Channel

Pic 1 Nexa Journeys on AH1 Driven by S Cross.JPG
NEXA Journeys On Asian Highway 1 Driven By S-Cross, the first ever travel show covering the entire stretch of the Asian highway is all set to launch this month. The series will showcase the less explored territory which has raised curiosity amongst the discerning traveler’s keen to take up the journey on the ultimate cross country road trip. The adventurous journey of five celebrities on Asian Highway 1 (AH1), will premiere on 21st May at 7:30 pm only on Discovery Channels (Discovery, Discovery Turbo and Discovery HD)

This one-of-a-kind travel show brings together an exclusive partnership between Nexa, symbolic for new experiences, and WorldWide Media, a leading lifestyle and entertainment company. To provide a stunning cinematic experience for its viewers, this show will capture the journey of five different travelers and celebrities on the most adventurous unexplored terrain.

Speaking on the initiative Mr. R.S. Kalsi (Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki) said, “NEXA marks the first initiative by an automobile company to go beyond selling cars and create a new format of lifestyle experience for the customers. NEXA Journeys is not just about being able to explore new places; it’s about indulging your senses and experiencing new things, trying something unthought-of. Tasting the feeling that money can’t buy. NEXA Journeys on Asian Highway 1’, is one-of-a-kind travel show that aims to provide a new exclusive format for experience seekers.”

Commenting the launch, Deepak Lamba, CEO- Worldwide Media said, “The series marks WWM’s foray into television production, our aim is to provide holistic branding and marketing solutions to brands we work with, in NEXA we found the ideal partners, to co-create a unique property through cutting-edge content. Nexa Journeys on Asian Highway 1’ is truly experiential in its form, and tick marks all the relevant boxes to reinforce the new age phenomenon of content marketing. Our portfolio brands Top Gear Magazine India and Lonely Planet Magazine India are on board as marketing partners and they already have a strong credibility in the auto and travel space which will reflect in the show’’.

Identifying the travelers for this epic road trip began with choosing five passions viz. acting, cooking, photography, singing and an auto enthusiast. Basis this, five celebrities were chosen, who associated strongly with these passions in their life. Entries were then invited from across India to select five interesting personalities who will accompany the five celebrities through this journey.

Actress Pallavi Sharda, Chef Saransh Goila, Fashion photographer Taras Taraporvala, Editor of TopGear Magazine Girish Karkera, Singer Natalie Di Luccio, Professional race car driver Hussein Kachwala, Cinematographer Sai Sanil, Media consultant Naved Farooqui, Musician Kunal Kundu and PR consultant and content writer Madhurima Roy will be seen on board taking this life-changing experiential journey. Apart from this, the show will also encapsulate and showcase the different passion of each of the participants such as acting, cooking, photography, singing and writing.

This seven episode series will cover the journey of a lifetime for these 10 people which begins from Delhi, as they travel through UP to Varanasi, exploring the treasure trove of culture the oldest city in the world has to offer. Crossing Jorhat in Assam they visit the serene tea gardens as they continued to Majuli the biggest river island in the world situated in the Brahmaputra. Here they experience the unique culture of the locals, travelling on-board ferries which are a way of life on this island. Moving on further to Kohima, a hilly district in Nagaland, they discover the indigenous tribes, their music and the matriarchal society characteristic to most north eastern states. From here their next stop was Manipur to witness the border town of Moreh, located on the India-Myanmar border in the Chandel district, which ignited a sense of patriotism amongst the travelers. Further they crossed the borders of India and move into Bagan in Myanmar known for the Bagan Archaeological Area, where more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments tower over the pristine green plains, this also gave our travelers a peak into the Buddhist culture. In the final leg of the trip, they begin their journey from Myanmar to Bangkok in Thailand which marks the completion of this epic journey.

10 traveller’s, 4325 kilometers, 3 nations, one long road trip, here it’s not about the destination but about the journey, experiencing the new, the different and the diverse, exactly what this road trip offers.

Watch ‘NEXA JOURNEYS ON ASIAN HIGHWAY 1 DRIVEN BY S-CROSS’ only on Discovery Channel every Sunday at 7:30pm

Lay’s MAXX TVC portrays the New Macho Man

The new Lay’s MAXX TVC portrays the new macho man who has the innate style to win over situations effortlessly.

The message lies in the treatment of the advertisement starting from the backdrop to the tonality. The TVC showcases the quintessential biker gang showdown set against the backdrop of a suburban pub, with a MAXX twist to the plot. The camera angles and focus in play with the background score creates the necessary tension leading to a confrontation up till the climax. The portrayal of the MAXX crunch moment with the sonic boom that comes from the protagonist biting into the crunchy chip, mirrors the attributes of the chip while reiterating the idea of machoism inherent in the contemporary ‘MAXX’ Man. The jerky camera moves followed by the product shot and information, gives MAXX the necessary treatment of the rustic and rugged chip for the new macho men.


Speaking about the campaign, Dilen Gandhi, Marketing Director, PepsiCo India, says, “Lay’s has been the most loved potato chip for years, and MAXX, the global, premium superhit from our portfolio, has witnessed equal zeal and enthusiasm by the consumers since its launch. The new TVC manifests the MAXX characteristics through a powerful yet subtle narrative. The ruggedness of the chips and the authenticity is well portrayed through the treatment of the commercial and we believe that after seeing this our consumer will have a stronger connect with the product. We are confident that the new TVC will fortify our brand presence in the market.”


Commenting on their creation the Creative agency spokesperson Senthil Kumar ,CCO, J . Walter Thompson says, “The TVC brings alive the distinct taste and flavors that define the powerful MAXX experience. Our aim was to highlight the attributes of the MAXX man, narrating the traits that define contemporary macho as against the conventional macho. And the MAXX crunch moment acts as the best differentiator, setting apart our protagonists from the rest in the pub. We hope that our consumers will connect with the storyline and identify Lay’s MAXX for its rugged and rustic nature.”


The power packed campaign was released on Youtube.com on 21st April 2017 and on television in all leading channels on 24th April 2017 .



Creative Agency:

  • Chairman and Chief Creative Officer:  Senthil Kumar
  • Executive Creative Director:  Sumati Singh
  • Executive Business Director: Ritu Nakra
  • National Planning Head: Mythili Chandrasekhar.
  • VP strategy planning: Jayati Majumder
  • Planning Director: Noor Samra
  • Account Director: Rajat Das
  • Creative Director Copy: Reshna Banerjee


Production house:

  • Director: Sunhil Sippy
  • Producer: Firecrackers
  • DOP: V. Manikandan

Discovery Channel’s new series WALKING THE NILE

Levison Wood stands at the top of Murchsion Falls, Uganda..jpg

It’s known as a holy grail in exploration because its sheer length alone contributes to its timeless mystery. The Nile, the planet’s longest river, is a life source to six African countries (Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Republic of Sudan and Egypt) – some of whose names currently are synonymous with danger and conflict. The Nile also is known as the cradle of civilization; the first cities known to man were developed on its storied shores. It snakes its way through a region that’s full of duality: it’s both peaceful and dangerous; it is both a source of life and cause of death; it’s remote and urban; and it’s the epicenter for a diverse mix of religions and cultures, both modern and primitive.


Dauntless explorer and former British Army paratrooper Levison Wood walked the Nile – from source to sea – to uncover its many perplexities and to be the first person ever to endure something of extraordinary magnitude.  No one has ever made this journey on foot. Embark on an inspiring journey with Discovery Channel’s new series WALKING THE NILE premiering February 22, every Wednesday at 9 PM.

Africa has always been one of Levison’s greatest passions, and the Nile largely has been impassable until now because of disease, war and geo-political instability in the region. In WALKING THE NILE, Levison commits to his greatest expedition ever: 4,250 miles of walking along the river and through some of the most intense yet exquisite countries… a journey of more than seven million steps over a nine-month expanse. On his journey, Levison suffers many emotional crises, including the shocking passing of a friend and journalist Matt Power (from heat stroke), who joined him along the way. By dodging minefields and heading into a 120-degree desert, he also must save himself amidst a violent civil war in South Sudan. Furthermore, he is robbed roadside, averts gangs and rebels and often is tailed by local law enforcement.


His journey begins in the Republic of Rwanda. This country is landlocked in Central Africa and is called ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills.’ It’s also the location of the Nile’s source, which paradoxically is just a small trickle of a stream. From Rwanda, Levison prepares to traverse north through Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Republic of Sudan and finally Egypt, where the Nile spills into the Mediterranean Sea. Sometimes he has a small crew traveling with him; other times he has only a guide and a camera.


The Nile winds through one of the most dangerous regions of the world, and for significant reasons, it has deterred many from achieving what Levison attempts including civil upheaval, insufferable climate, unforgiving terrain and the threat of predatory wildlife. Every day of the journey, Levison faces physical and mental struggles, which could ultimately derail him in achieving his goal. Perhaps for him, the tallest hurdle is confronting his psychological resolve — resetting his intention to carry on despite all the predictable and unpredictable challenges that lay ahead.

Fortunately, disaster gives way to unique, wondrous moments. Levison crosses through a world of incomparable beauty – seemingly as infinite as the Nile itself. He encounters vibrant landscapes and people and animals even more distinct and color than the places they inhabit. During these chapters of his journey, Levison is inspired by the humanity and history that’s unique to Africa.


§  Levison receives a blessing that involves bathing in goat’s milk from a witch doctor in Uganda.

§  He spends two days among the enigmatic and almost magical Mundari Tribe along South Sudan’s Channel Islands, where he learns to give cows dung massages and shampoos his hair with cow urine.

§  In the Republic of Sudan, Levison is treated to unparalleled hospitality when Nubians, known as ‘the truest people of the Nile,’ offer him and his guide the use of their beds and their very best food and drink. Some even offered to give Levison land, buy him a house and find him a wife!

§  He negotiates for camels – known as “ships of the desert” – to take him, for safety reasons, on a detour across the Bayuda Desert, the most south-east corner of the massive Sahara; there, he rocks out to Gnarls Barkley with a Bedouin companion.

§  Levison explores abandoned Sudanese pyramids (there are actually more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt) before he takes his final walk toward ‘the finish’ in Egypt, cheered on by a steady crowd of journalists, guards and even the governor.

Discovery Collaborates With Maruti Suzuki To Celebrate A Landmark Journey Across 29 States

Meraj Shah, Presenter, #Indiamyway, Mr. Karamjit Dua, VP - Advertising Sales (South Asia), Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and Mr. R.S Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki (1).JPG

Discovery Channel in association with Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) organized an event in New Delhi to celebrate the culmination of its journey across 29 states.  Cruising around in a Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, covering over 28,000 kilometers, the epic-journey entitled #INDIAMYWAY was captured by Discovery cameras and was televised on the network.


A showreel presenting the best-off moments of the journey was screened at the event.  On this occasion, Discovery also released a DVD pack of the television series #INDIAMYWAY, which was unveiled by Mr. R.S Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), Mr. Karamjit Dua, Vice President – Advertising Sales (South Asia), Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and Meraj Shah, actor and presenter of the series.


The 13-part series #INDIAMYWAY which aired on Discovery, travelled across India in search of young Indians, their passion and their continual quest for the unusual, glamourous and adventurous side of life. The series was hosted by Paloma Monappa, an actor and avid traveler, and Meraj Shah, a travel writer, who went on a road trip for an exploration of a ‘New India’.  They introduced viewers to a range of fun, eclectic characters ranging from celebrities, tribal fashionistas, women wrestlers, young scientists, tattoo artists, path breaking entrepreneurs and many others.


Addressing the media at the event, R.S Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) said, “It has been a matter of immense pride and utmost privilege for the two pioneering brands – Maruti Suzuki and Discovery to collaborate and explore the new-age India.  Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza, a compact SUV, was the vehicle of choice in this journey to experience the changing landscape, culture, lifestyle of the millennial Indians.”


Presenting the series, Karamjit Dua, Vice President – Advertising Sales (South Asia), Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery offers captivating and incomparable blend


of programmes that stimulate viewers’ mind.  #Indiamyway has been our endeavor to showcase the immense talent, passion and changing aspirations of the millennials in the country.  The adventurous journey covering length and breadth of the country reflected a refreshing wave of liberation and empowerment which paints an inspiring picture of the new-gen India.”


Talking about his adventure, Meraj Shah said, “I have been travelling for years, however, this road trip was unique and invigorating. #Indiamyway has been once-in-a-lifetime kind of journey which introduced us to some amazing people who are shunning the conventional, are driven by action and are fostering a sense of meaning and purpose.  It was one of the most enriching experiences, offering a stimulating view about the contemporary wave in our socio-cultural structure.”


Echoing viewers’ response, #INDIAMYWAY was the most viewed series at 8 PM amongst all the Factual Entertainment channels (Source: BARC, Week 42-51, All India, M 22-40 A, 2000-2030 hrs, Sun).   It was also the most engaged show with highest time spent at 8 PM among all the Factual and English Entertainment channels (Source: BARC, Week 42-51, All India, M 22-40 A, 2000-2030 hrs, Sun).  Capturing the attention of millennials on social media platforms, #INDIAMYWAY garnered over 35 million impressions.